Abandoned Hollow (Captive Undead)

Sword Hollow. The most lowly of the hollows, slow moving and dressed only in minimal rags. Most are bare-handed, though some wield torches. Often feign death or otherwise hide, e.g., by hanging out of sight from a cliff face. Really only a problem in groups or if you forget about them, and the catch you unawares.

Poison Brumer (Poison Horn Beetle)

Are these beetles the source of the poison that fills the earth below the mines, or are they merely the only insects that can survive in these conditionsÉ Eitehr way, they suit the Queen`s tastes perfectly.

Rotten Vermin

"A queen of the species of giant corrosive ants native to Jugo. Only one exsits in Drangleic; its presence in The Gutter seems to suggest that it began its life in the labratory of Lord Aldia's mansion and eventually outlived its usefullness"

This massive insect queen doesn't do much but stand inside the cave, with no attacks to speak of. Her corrosive gas can heal poison, but at the cost of depleting your equipment durability. As such, it's probably better that you just kill her (or not). Guarded by hostile poison ticks.

Rupturing Hollow (Undead Citizen)

Mummified hollows which, when they detect a player, charge him/her at high speed. You can detect them early by the rattling of their chains. Often occur in groups. Their speed and aggression is intimidating and can force the player into a defensive, pressed battle. All Undead Citizens have a devastating "belly flop attack" -- see Rupturing Hollow page for details and variants.

Swollen Mongrel (Hunting Dog)

Grotesque, dog-like creatures that will slash and bite the player when they get close enough. They are not, however, very fast, so ranged attacks work well.

Undead Laborer

Torch Hollow. As if a lifetime of toil wasn't enough, these workers continue their duties even in death. And this time, their job is to kill you. Probably as in life, these under-appreciated, down-trodden souls simply aren't equipped for the task -- they face you unarmed.

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